We at Taal Inc., believe in delivering the best quality and an affordable cost. After all, it is your passion that we are inspiring. Being India’s only school of West-African drumming, we have learned a lot by first-hand experience and a lot of hard work.Whatever the category, we’ve handpicked these djembes to ensure a basic standard of good sound, solid shell and good quality skin to be able to enhance your playing experience.

All our djembes are hand-picked by Varun Venkit, Taal Inc’s founder / director and India’s only professor of the djembe, certified by Tam Tam Mandingue International (a global school set up by grandmaster djembefola and his teacher, Mamady Keita).

To enhance your shopping experience we have partnered with The DrumCo – one -stop-shop for fun percussion instruments. Featuring in their line up – awesome fiber djembes that replete with their signature – fun, durable and innovative.  These Drums are durable, lightweight, easy to tune, weather-proof, strong, versatile and colourful!


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